Hoax: The Museum of Obsolete Scientific Theories

This was an assignment to create a branding language for a museum. I chose to research obsolete or disproven scientific theories. I developed the idea for my branding language from learning about the Society of the Spectacle, which was a term coined by Guy Debord in 1960’s france. Guy Debord was part of the Situationist International, which was the French counterpart to the beat generation. His theory of the society of the spectacle was a commentary on the quality of life as a result of modernity. He believed that there was a lack of authenticity in society, human perceptions were affected, and there was a degradation of knowledge with the hindering of critical thought. The spectacle is the manifestation of influence from mass media.

I made the connection to this project because so many of these preposterous theories gained power because they were believed and accepted by people not thinking critically and not questioning those in power. I wanted to create a play on words on this idea of the “spectacle”, and I translated it into a visual language to reference a circus. While using subtle circus/carnival typography, throughout the rest of the book I used a juxtaposition of modern and antique typography and imagery to reflect my voice as the author of all of the copy, making a commentary about old ideas. This book is meant to act as an archive to encourage critical thinking and asking questions about the status quo.

California College of the Arts, MFA Design
Creating a Brand Language, with Jennifer Morla (Morla Design)

HOAX Video

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