Hoax Posters
Hoax Posters
Hoax Posters

Poster Series for Branding Project: The Museum of Obsolete Scientific Theories

Hoax: to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous

The human race is one of progress and invention. While many scientific breakthroughs have been revolutionary, not all invention is spurred by innovation. When it comes to the scientific theories that guide our lives – religion, politics, and propaganda have historically played an influential role, endangering the authenticity of the minds trying to innovate for greater good.

This is an exhibition to reflect on the 22 most fascinating obsolete scientific theories. Though difficult to imagine now, each of these theories was once widely and commonly accepted. Several of these models proved to be influential in the evolution of modern day science, but the majority of the theories included here were a flat out hoax.

California College of the Arts, MFA Design
Creating a Brand Language, Jennifer Morla (Morla Design)

Hoax Posters

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