Anoto: Read Together
A digital annotation device that pairs with analog books, creating a shared reading experience.


In spite of our rising level of apparent connectedness and extensive social networks, being together often seems a lot less intimate. Create a compelling and productive, or a fun and delightful, experience for a gathering of people, technologies, or both.

Design Response

Anoto started as a tool to enhance book clubs for their members, but it quickly became more about the power of a shared reading experience for connecting people, and bridging the gap between old fashioned annotating and digital connectivity. Reading provokes our imaginations and emotions in a way that few other things can, and when we imagine being able to read and share our thoughts about a book in the way that Anoto allows – with a best friend, a sibling, a grandparent – we feel the true benefit of Anoto is in enriching relationships in a way that makes distance immaterial.

Collaborative project with Sarah Goodin and Yinqin Pan
My contribution: Interaction and user experience design, brand development, user interface design, video editing

California College of the Arts, Design MFA
2D/IxD Advanced Topics Studio: Comings and Goings
Scott Minneman (Omony Labs), and Mary Kate Meyerhoffer (SheGeek Designs)

Anoto Video

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